Thanks Pearl

Meet Pearl,

an intelligent assistant to help you get things done.

To-do lists just don't do

Everyone struggles keeping on top of their tasks. When your to-do lists seem more like a wish list you start to realize you need a real plan to get things done.

Introducing Pearl

Stop looking for your tasks

We get bombarded with tasks from all over the place. From work calendars to tasks lists, it's hard to keep track of them all. Let Pearl go out and fetch them for you. Leaving you to focus on what you need to do in only one place.

Let Pearl fetch your tasks now

Connect all your tasks in one place

Focus on what's important when it's important

Let Pearl know your schedule and she'll plan things out for you. If you don't finish your work on Friday she'll intelligently reschedule for Monday. You'll be stress free over the weekend knowing the next week is planned out.

Make time for your weekend, today

You're in good company with Pearl

Pearl helped me prioritize my day to day and turn my company around

With Pearl I was able to learn Spanish

I finally found the time to buy pants!

Stop avoiding tasks

It's easy to hit snooze and ignore what you need to do, but Pearl is happy to keep you on track. She'll announce what you need to be working on and ask if you're ready. If you're away she's happy to ring your phone or send you a text message. If you need to reschedule she can find another time and schedule it for you. Let Pearl manage your life and stop worrying about getting things done.

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